Blended Learning
             BEST Modular Learning uses the LEAP System (Learner Enrichment Acceleration Program) in the delivery of contents. In the LEAP System, a total of eight (8) modules (in stages) will be given during the entire year for each subject.

             Though these modules are designed for self learning, it will be be supplemented by an online class with regular schedule using Microsoft Teams.  The class will be recorded and will be made available for access by the student.          
               The school schedules the time of class,testing, and other activities just like the normal school year, thus the learning timeline is NOT set by the students.

How is this implemented?

1. Each student will given modules on a LEAP basis. LEAP 1 will be given a week before the start of Classes, and the next LEAP will be given a during the exam week prior to the next Lesson Period.

How are exams Administered?

          There are eight (8) major exams for the entire year, each done upon completing each LEAP. However, each HOP has its own mastery activities, and quizzes.

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