Modular Modality
Modular Learning

             BEST Modular Learning uses the LEAP System (Learner Enrichment Acceleration Program) in the delivery of contents. In the LEAP System, a total of eight (8) modules (in stages) will be given during the entire year for each subject.

            These modules come with supplemental  CDís (or USB Stick Drive) containing video resources that will help the child better understand the contents of the modules. In many cases the videos, are taped sessions with their teacher on the subject.
             The LEAP system strives to provide sufficient supplementary materials for the student even if he has no access to the internet.

             The school schedules the time of testing, thus the learning timeline is NOT set by the students.

How is this implemented?

1.The student (through a family representative) will be given the module (but in HOP stages) for the student to work on.

2. Each LEAP Module is divided into four (4) parts called HOPs (Home-learning Order Packet), and each  HOP shall be completed in one(1) week and must be submitted every Friday to the school or can be picked up by a school personnel.

3.The module may require tasks to be performed that would need documentation, and can be submitted by email to a predetermined email address. For those with no internet connection, a phone video recording would suffice, and must be presented to the teacher by the parent on Fridays.

4.If after checking, the output is satisfactory, next HOP will be given. The student must get a satisfactory grade of 80% before he can proceed to the next HOP.

How are exams Administered?

          There are eight (8) major exams for the entire year, each done upon completing each LEAP. However, each HOP has its own mastery activities, and quizzes.

Can we contact the teacher?

1. Yes you can, we even encourage it when you encounter difficulty, but it has to be scheduled if done during office hours from Monday to Thursday. Fridays are designated for these types of concerns.

2. Parents may use any of the following means: telephone, video call, Facebook, or other web based communication applications.

3.Teachers may receive inquiries after office hours.

4.We even allow the child to come to school for one hour on Friday to personally discuss with the teacher (Safety protocols will be observed), if he wants to or if the situation warrants.
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