How we will implement the Face to Face Program
(if allowed by the government)

Government Policy on face-to-face schooling and its definition has been changing through-out this  pandemic. Should there be changes, and face-to-face instructions are allowed,
the following guidelines will be used:

Bohol Evangelical School of Theology
Preschool and Gradeschool Departments
Innovative. Transformative. Bible Grounded Education
Classroom management

1.  Each class will not be more than 7 pupils in each room. That would make each student more than 2 meters apart from each    
2.  Each student will have a see-through partition
3.  Each class will do face to face instruction for half a day (seven students in the morning and seven in the afternoon), from
     Monday to Thursday.
4.  Fridays will be for homework and scouting activities to be done at the home.
5.  The US Center for Disease Control Guidelines will be observed in the conduct of classes
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School Mitigation Measures in place:

1.Very restricted entry into the campus. Only students and school staff are allowed to enter.
       A. Parents are discouraged to come inside the campus using the students entrance.
       B. Parents may use the access entrance but are restricted to go inside classrooms.
       c. Parents must wait at the parent waiting area which now has barriers to enforce social distancing
2.Temperature scanning for all those who are legible to enter
       a. Those with temperatures 37.5 Celcius and above will not be allowed to enter
3. Stepping on the footbath is mandatory for those coming in.
4. Hourly washing of hands.
      a.Proper washing of hands will be taught, observed and monitored.
5. Wearing of masks is mandatory while inside the campus.